FAN Press screw separators in the MDF Industry

FAN is a pioneer for separation technology. In the firbreboard industry the name FAN stands for innovation quality and reliability. Approved by thousands of installations worldwide. FAN is specialized on its core task and therefore the product range is reduced to the essentials, not only to offer the usual standards but also to be one step ahead. Perfection is our drive and customer satisfaction a gift to ourselves. Our actions meet the requirements of the firbreboard industry and we always search for possibilities to continuously improve our competitiveness. FAN covers the demands of this industry and increases the efficiency and reduces costs sustainably!

Product portfolio

  • Screw presses for suspensions with low viscosity (PSS)
  • Screw presses for abrasivd waste and residues (BP)
  • Centrifugal classifier seperator (CCS)
  • Flotation unit (DAF)
  • Micro bubble reactor (CMR)
  • Screen baskets and screen plates
  • Original spare parts for our brands FAN and Beltec

Range of applications

Range of applications in the industry for fibernoards:

Process - Drain - Clean - Recycle - Sorting - Separate - Compact - Wash

of  raw materials, process media and effluents of all sorts.

The mode of operation of the machine is reduced to the following production steps:

Filtrate – Sediment – Flotate - Centrifugalize – Press

Do you know...

  • how many 1000to of waste are produced per productl line per year?
  • how many precious raw materials are not used for their real purpose?
  • about the savings potential by reducing volume and weight with deposit and transport costs?
  • that prescious waste components (e.g metals) can be separated and recycled?
  • that filtering abrasive elements (e.g sand) protects your machine?
  • that as a consequence maintanance costs can be reduced.
  • what effect increasing the dry matter content of 1% have on your disposal costs?
  • how much energy can be saved at combustion?
  • how fast an Investment in FAN pays off?

FAN innovative solutions for solid-liquid separation. Optimal use of available resources in order to save costs!


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