WEBINAR - Produce Bedding Material from slurry

What can you expect from our webinar? 

  • We will show you our Bedding Recovery Unit inside and outside live in our factory in Voitsberg,
  • explain technical details as well as the process itself,
  • insert a report from a BRU at a customer’s farm,
  • present in detail how you can benefit from our BRU on your farm
  • and give you the possibility to ask questions to our experts.

The benefits of the Bedding Recovery Unit, which is most appropriate for farms with a minimum herd size of 200 cows, are quite obvious:

  • You can recycle the richly available slurry on your farm and produce bedding material by your own
  • You will save cash as you will never again have to buy bedding material from outside
  • With our BRU you can be certain to obtain pathogen free, dampening and absorbent bedding material
  • Your cows are healthy, clean and feel comfortable

If you would like to learn more about it, we invite you to join our webinar on 16th December!

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