Obituary Dr. Dietrich Eichler

The BAUER Group mourns the death of Dr. Dietrich Eichler, who passed away in Königstein on the 24th of February 2023 at the age of 91.

The name Dr. Dietrich Eichler is inseparably linked with the company FAN Separator. Creative mind, gifted technician, ingenious inventor: For decades, Dr. Dietrich Eichler has put his technological expertise and his passion for research at the service of the development of separation technology.

Dr Eichler studied chemical plant engineering at the Technical University of Dresden in the 1950s. After completing his doctorate, he worked in various companies in the former GDR and was involved, among other things, in the construction of large-scale plants for the recovery of nutrients from liquid manure. During a lecture tour, which also took him to the Technical University of Aachen, the paths of Dr. Eichler and the founder of FAN Separator crossed in the mid-1980s.

The rest is history. On 1.1.1989, Dr. Eichler began his work at FAN Separator and from then on devoted himself to improving the then still very simple drum separators. Dr. Eichler is considered as the inventor of the "original separator" from FAN. His thoughts tirelessly revolved around optimising the functional principles of the press screw. Dr. Eichler registered countless patents in the course of his career. His expertise and genius are in every cell of the FAN separation technology.

Only just before his 86th birthday he officially ended his activity for FAN, but even after that Dr Eichler was still involved in the company's fortunes and made his valued knowledge available. His professional life was not only characterised by dynamism and verve, he was also always on the move in his private life. He also liked to go to Saxon Switzerland, his old and new home.

Now he has started his last journey. We will always remember Dr Dietrich Eichler fondly.

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