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FAN Presents New Sludge Press Separator SPS 1200

Best cost-effectiveness for the separation of secondary sludge

At this year's Zellcheming-Expo from 24th to 26th June in Frankfurt, FAN Separator GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austrian Bauer Group, presents a new, innovative and highly cost-effective solution for sludge separation. The new sludge press separator SPS 1200 is used wherever industrial sludge needs to be dewatered as for example in the pulp- and paper industry. With the new system FAN completes its product range from pump technology to professional separation and establishes itself as an overall supplier on the market for dewatering of process wastewater, rejects and sludge.

The new FAN sludge press separator SPS 1200 has a drive power of only 0,55 kW, the solid matter can achieve a dry mass content of up to 30 %. This innovative sludge separator will be used mainly in municipal and industrial sewage plants where energy-intensive decanter centrifuges often have been used so far. The aim of the new system is always separating liquid from sludge and so to minimize the content of humidity, volume and weight. The more sewage sludge is going to get dewatered the cheaper are the disposal and transportation costs, ensuring a short amortisation period of the investment and cost-savings in near future.

Advantages compared to decanter centrifuges
The essential advantages of this innovation compared to decanter centrifuges are its considerably lower energy and maintenance costs and higher dry mass contents. The mostly high operating costs by using decanter centrifuges can be considerably reduced with the new sludge press separator. Another distinctive feature is the screw of special material and geometry designed for sludge dewatering. The increased dry matter content allows to achieve cost-savings year after year and contributes to improve the operating result remarkably. To help customers in their decision-making, FAN offers a free-of-charge payback calculation.

High through-put
Despite of the compact dimensions, the processable volume of sludge is approx. 2 m³/h. The peripheral equipment required for pressing of digested sludge such as a flocculant station and an inlet pump are also part of FAN's product range. FAN is offering herewith a complete system for sludge treatment.

Visit us at ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014, the trade fair for water the paper- and pulp industry from 24th to 26th June 2014, hall 11.0 – booth B51, in Frankfurt!

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The Bauer Group at a Glance
Since its foundation in 1930, the BAUER Group - headquarters in Voitsberg, Austria, has been focused on irrigation and slurry management technology. Whilst initially producing wastewater and slurry pumps, the company first became an international player in the sector of irrigation technology in 1947 with the patent-protected Bauer lever lock coupling - named after Rudolf Bauer, the company founder. Today the company is developing rapidly in the biotechnology sector with wastewater treatment & biogas plants and it is focusing on three main sectors: irrigation management, waste management as well as energy management.

BAUER is the global market leader in irrigation technology: A total of more than 2,5 million hectares is globally irrigated. A major part of sales representing 50% of the total turnover is achieved in the sectors of slurry and environmental waste processing. The BAUER Group exports to more than 90 countries of the world. With approx. 580 employees worldwide, Bauer made consolidated net receipts of about 98 million Euros in 2012/2013 (increase of 8,3% compared to 2011/2012). With an export ratio of 90%, the main markets of the BAUER Group are Germany, France, the CEE countries, China, the USA, South-America and Australia.

The BAUER Group currently consists of 17 companies worldwide.

Product Range
 Various irrigation systems
• Automated pivot and linear systems, i.e.: Centerstar, Centerliner, Linestar
• Irrigation machines, i.e.: Rainstar, A3 or ProRain
• Traditional irrigation, i.e.: pipe systems and solid-set plants
 Slurry transportation (slurry tanks)
 Innovative slurry treatment: mixers, pumps, separators, composting and distribution
 Pipes and fittings
 Wastewater treatment and separation technology for the food and paper industry
 Components for Biogas plants
 BRU Bedding Recovery Unit

Internet Services
 Configuration of all machines
 Ordering of all spare parts

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