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Separator „Green Bedding” for bedding material with acknowledged quality

Use of separated manure is a success factor in many dairy farms.

The FAN Separator GmbH, a subsidiary of the traditional company Bauer offers innovative solutions regarding bedding material. By using separator „Green Bedding“ the moisture level, volume and consistency of the raw material are changed in order to produce high quality and affordable biological bedding . The method has been tested, meets all directives and is even supported positively by the European Union.

The optimum economic choice of bedding material in dairy farming has become more and more a challenge. On the one hand the bedding material should be accepted by the animals in order to...

FAN: New Technologies for Separators and Presses

Best cost-effectiveness for the separation of wastewater, rejects and sludge

From the FAN separator PSS for separation of wastewater into a solid and a liquid fraction, to the new FAN sludge press separator SPS 1200 for dewatering of secondary sludge to the...

FAN Presents New Sludge Press Separator SPS 1200

Best cost-effectiveness for the separation of secondary sludge

At this year's Zellcheming-Expo from 24th to 26th June in Frankfurt, FAN Separator GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austrian Bauer Group, presents a new, innovative and highly cost-effective...