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Sustainability is not a passing fad. Sustainability is the essential challenge of our day. We are well aware of this.

With our products, we make an important contribution to reducing and effectively reusing waste. The FAN separator will be an indispensable element of the agricultural operation of the future. The basis for getting a handle on liquid manure and finding sustainable uses for this supposed waste material. For industrial operations, as well, a separator from FAN can be key to reducing and reusing waste. FAN closes the circle.

The slurry cycle

Recycling and Upcycling

Slurry, or manure, is a valuable substance that is produced in large quantities every day on the farm. It is the connecting element in the operating cycle of the farm and can be utilized in many advantageous ways. It offers a unique opportunity to practice sustainable recycling and upcycling as part of a farming operation. Bauer slurry technology supports farmers in this process.

The slurry separator has a key role to play here since the separation of solids and liquids opens up many new and useful possibilities for the slurry. For example, the separator can produce organic bedding from the farm’s own manure. This eliminates the delivery of externally produced bedding and the associated emissions. It also takes care of disposal of the manure. Another advantage: The raw material for the organic bedding is produced fresh every day. A never-ending cycle.

Photovoltaic Power

With the energy of the sun

Our photovoltaic system assists us in significantly reducing the energy requirements of our manufacturing processes. With CO2-free electricity from the sun, we cover a considerable portion of our total energy consumption, thereby improving our environmental footprint.

FAN Separator
FAN products are high quality

Sustainability through quality

The long lives of FAN products are legendary. In other words, we are often the ones standing in our own way. After all, many customers use their machines for as long as they continue to work, rather than buying a new one. And that can go on for decades. But that’s just how we like it. Because satisfied customers are essential. Plus, this attitude reduces the impact on our planet.

Long-lasting products are critical for a sustainable world. The longer a product lasts, the fewer resources are consumed. It’s a good thing that the principle of durability has been firmly anchored in our company DNA from the very start.

Intelligent production


The high manufacturing depth at our factory helps reduce transports and the associated environmental impacts, such as CO2 emissions and noise. Our partners for the supply of raw materials, components and services are drawn from the local region whenever possible.  Consistent compliance with the high environmental standards  is a given for us. We are also working continuously to increase the level of digitalization in our production, which will help us ensure that resources and materials are used efficiently.

Close up of Green Planet in Your Hands. Save Earth. Environment

More important than ever

Sustainability is a continuous process that never ends and becomes more critical with every passing minute. We are also aware that plenty of potential remains for further progress in this area. That’s why we constantly think about how to make processes more environmentally friendly, conserve resources, streamline operations and make our products even more sustainable. Our process of self-improvement goes ever onwards.