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Separator PSS 1.2-520 Niedersachsen

Effective use of liquid manure thanks to separation

On the farm Borchers-Meier-Deden KG in the district of Rotenburg in Lower Saxony, a PSS 1.2-520 from FAN has been separating the liquid manure of 540 dairy cows since 2020. Borchers-Meier-Deden relies heavily on its own machinery and places great importance on that machinery being state of the art.

“In our search for an effective way to utilise the liquid manure produced on our farm, the purchase of a FAN separator three years ago was the logical step. We feed the solid phase into a biogas system, and we spread the liquid phase on our fields,” explains Volker Borchers.

Separator PSS 1.2-520 Niedersachsen

Spreading of separated manure

The farm spreads a total of 20,000 m³ of liquid manure per year, half of it separated. The spreading of separated manure offers significant advantages: For example, the soiling of the feed is less pronounced since the thin liquid manure runs more quickly down to the ground, preventing the solid portion from sticking to the plants. Thin liquid manure also does not result in manure clumps that can suffocate the grass as it grows back. Another factor not to be underestimated is the high nitrogen effect since the nitrogen compounds of ammonium and nitrate are more easily available in the thin liquid, which is particularly valuable given the short intervals in fodder production of 3-5 weeks between mowing.


A cost-effective purchase

“Since we added the separator to our farm, the liquid problem has not only been solved, it has become a positive factor. We can make good use of every cubic metre of the valuable material, whether as a raw material for generating heat and energy in the biogas system or as fertiliser on the fields,” explains Volker Borchers.

The purchase of the separator by Borchers-Meier-Deden has definitely paid off.