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Valuable biostimulants from grain husks

PSS 1.2-520 in Mexico

The FAN PSS separator gets the most out of grain husks for the biostimulation of plants.

Founded in 1957, the Mexican company Innovak Global located in Chihuahua is a leader in the field of root biostimulation in the agricultural industry. Biostimulants are produced from a wide range of substances, such as microorganisms, amino acids or diverse inorganic substances, with the intent of improving root growth, boosting product quality and enhancing the resistance of plants. They are neither fertilizers nor pesticides. Thanks to biostimulants, plants can more easily take up nutrients or exhibit a greater tolerance for negative environmental factors such as cold or heat.

Getreideschalen PSS 1.2-520
Solid and liquid biostimulants

Active substances from grain husks

The grain husks from which various active ingredients are extracted to produce both solid and liquid biostimulants originate from northern Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon). In the first step, they are placed in a water bath, where an active substance is extracted via a special hydrolysis process. The medium is heated to above 65 degrees Celsius.

Then the mixture of grain husks and water is pumped to the separator. The separated solid is a raw material for producing organic compost, which is part of the product line of solid biostimulants. The separated liquid is used to produce liquid biostimulants.


Unique challenges

A FAN separator has been used for this process since January, 2022. Innovak was seeking to optimize its production processes and reduce the workload since the entire process was originally managed by hand. This involved significant risks with a medium temperature of 65 degrees. Ensuring a sufficient quality of the liquid phase is also important. It must not contain any solids. Plus, the separation must be completed within fixed time periods, making it especially important for the equipment to continue functioning reliably without incidents. This is now all guaranteed by the FAN PSS, securing the production of valuable biostimulants for use around the world.


PSS 1.2-520 Mexiko


  • Separator FAN PSS 1.2-520
    separates grain husk bagasse
  • FAN submersible motor stirrer MSXH 7,5 kW and
  • FAN submersible motor pump CSPH 4,0 kW in the reservoir, from which the grain husks mixed with water are pumped through the separator.
  • Throughput: 20 m³ in 8 hours
  • 6-8 hours of operation daily
  • pH of the medium: 4-5
  • Temperature: 65 °C