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Fan Press Screw Separator

The Press Screw Separator PSS by FAN, a company of the Bauer Group, covers a broad spectrum of applications, from agriculture over biogas and bioethanol plants and food processing to the chemical industry. The innovative technology separates sewage in its solid and liquid elements.

The secret of the versatility of the Press Screw Sepqrator PSS is that it can adjust to different dry matter contents. Thick liquids (20% dry matter content) as well as thin liquids (below 0,1 % dry matter content) can be treated optimally. The consistance of the gained solid can be varied with the help of a patented output regulator by the amount and position of counter weights. This enables dry matter contents in the range between 25 and 55 percent. 

This way the required consistency of the final product for either further storage, use as fertilizer or the basis for compost can be reached. The liquid phase can easily be drained through a pipe or hose system. Compared to conventional separation systems the PSS is time and cost efficient.