CCS - Centrifugal Classifier Separator


Due to its economic feasibility the mechanic separation of solid matter from liquids is gaining more importance in the recirculation of production water and th treatment of waste water.

The FAN Centrifugal Classifier Separator was developed for the cleaning of liquids which contain specific heavy or light particles.

The size of the particles must be under 2mm. The separator is ideal for the secondary treatment of cloudy liquids which have already been by a screen or have undergone treatment for the removal of coarse particles.

  • The FAN CCS is mainly used to separate heavy particles (specific weight, heavier than water) from a mass flow 
  • The inlet should be pumpable and filtered
  • The separated solids are accumulated as liquid sludge
  • The degree of separation can be regulated via the amount of sludge
  • The liquid which needs to be separated must be at least filtered with a 2 mm screen, e.g. With a FAN press screw separator in order to prevent mechanical damage of the CCS
  • A filtration of about 0,5mm is of advantage when working with the CCS, as the solids content and as a consequence the viscosity in the inlet is reduced and the separation is increased. 
  • The maintanance effort of the FAN Centrifugal Separator is low. There is no additional training required.
  • Low energy loss