BRU - Bedding Recovery Unit

BRU Bedding Recovery Unit

1 x ISO 20’ container, completely isolated for applications with low ambient temperatures (up to  –35°C)

  • BRU 1000 1 x Separator PSS 3.2-780 BRU
  • BRU 2000 1 x Separator PSS 3.3-780 GB
  • 1 x screen 520 SI 1,00 RE, 1x screen 260 HD, Heavy Duty made of stainless steel , for high operating pressures and long lifespan 
  • Servicecrane on the ceiling of the container for maintanance
  • Plug breakthrough control for press screw separator, sends an automatic warning signal in case of errors
  • Control unit BRU with  10,4" Touch Display for controlling the components of the BRU
  • Level control of the drum: filling indicator RN3002 with operating monitor, stainless steel design
  • In-line duct fan 150mm to ventilate the 20´container
  • Auger BRU with gear motor 1,5kW, Lid at the outlet foldabler, all parts in contact with the medium of 1.4301 (AISI 304), fitting position 15 degree rising

1 x ISO 40‘ container, completely isolated for heat protection of the technical process

  • 4 x maintanance doors, enables easy access for maintanance 
  • Feed hopper for feeding the BRU drum, made of stainless steel
  • Frame of the drum, hot dip galvanized
  • BRU-drum with specially aligned conveyor and return system, completely made of stainless steel
  • 4 x friction wheel drive of the BRU-drum with 1,1 KW
  • 2 x temperature detector Pt100, for real time temperature control of the BRU-drum
  • Ventilator, for the regulation of the aerobic process in order to produce bedding material 
  • Filling indicator
  • Ladder with stair top and railing