BRU - Bedding Recovery Unit

From slurry to bedding material

As the costs for high quality bedding material have extremely risen in the last few years more and more innovative milk farms use bio bedding material. This is made of the undigested fibres (feed remains) of the slurry. The BRU concept (Bedding Recovery Unit) developed by FAN, a daughter of the Ausrtrian company Bauer specialiized in environmental technology, separates, dries and disinfects undigested raw fibres of slurry. This way costs can be reduced and at the same time the milk production is optimized. As this is an ecologic cycle not only the costs for bedding material but also disposal costs can be saved. This biological material is produced directly on the Farm and always available.

Economic benefit of the use of recycled solids as bedding material

  • No additional bedding material necessary
  • High acceptance of the bedding material by the cows 
  • Cost saving
  • Increased milk production
  • Low costs for the processing of slurry
  • No additional storage necessary

The advantages of recycled solids as bedding material

  • Extremely high acceptance
  • Comfort and well being of the cows is increased
  • Very clean cows
  • Easy to use
  • Economical 
  • Environmentally compatible 
  • Available daily
  • Constant quality