Agitation technology

Powerful - compact- comfortable

Well mixed slurry guarantees constant distribution of nutrients - this means optimal growth and increased yield.
Optimal homogenization of liquid mediums:

  • Agriculture
  • Biogas plants
  • Sewage plants
  • Industry 

Optimum structural form - high quality materials


A special design where motor and propellor shaft lie on the same axis cares for a high degree of efficiency.

This results in a slim and optimum streamlined shape, which additionally increases the degree of efficiency. The propeller shaft is strongly dimensioned and equipped with axial angular contact roller bearings.

A sophisticated oil guide system ensures optimal lubrication at any inclination of the submersible motor mixer

A sealing control is part of the standard extent of supply of the MSXH-models

Robust planetary reduction gear

Due to the planetary gear the agitators have an elegant and streamlined design. The large mixer blades and the special mixer edge ensure a high degree of efficiency.

  • Enormous stirring power
  • High degree of efficiency 
  • For all pit sizes
  • Simple installation 


  • Kompakte Bauform.
  • Kurze stabile und rostfreie Motorwelle.
  • Wellenabdichtung zwischen Pumpe und Motor durch zwei unabhängige Gleitringdichtungen.
  • Kugellager dauergeschmiert und wartungsfrei
  • Thermischer Wicklungsschutz - temperaturabhängige Widerstände- dadurch Schutz bei Überlastung (PTC), Blockade und Phasenausfall sowie Unter- und Überspannung. ( in Verbindung mit original Bauer Steuerung )