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Perfect for small farms

Separator PSS 1.1-300

Separation is not only profitable for large industrial farms, but also for smaller structured family farms. The PSS 1.1-300 from FAN can be used from as little as 30 LU and requires a connection of just 2.2 KW. It takes up little space, has low operating costs and is characterised by an optimal price-performance ratio. It can be used for a wide range of applications in agriculture and industry.

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The compact separator

A reasonable investment

With its dimensions of just 1.3 x 0.5 m and a height of less than 90 cm (including overflow hose and galvanised frame), the PSS 1.1-300 weighs just 220 kg and making it more than suited for its role as a compact unit. Despite these small dimensions, the PSS 1.1-300 can deliver a throughput of up to 16 m³ per hour. The low purchase costs, the simple setup and the high quality of the components make the 1.1-300 a reasonable investment in this size range.

Separator PSS 1.1-300 Plug&Play
Tried and tested principle

Proven mode of operation

Also the smallest model in the classic PSS series works according to the tried and tested principle that has been refined over decades of studies and tests: The PSS 1.1-300 is centred around a rotating auger inside a floating screen. The medium is dewatered by gravity in the first section of the screen, additionally pressed out by the auger in the second section and ejected as solids at the mouthpiece. A patented discharge regulator is fitted to adjust the dry matter content of the medium. Like all PSS separators, the 1.1-300 is also available as a mobile plug & play version.

Technical Data

Throughput m³/hDry matter content%Connected load kWSloot size mm
up to 16322,20,25 - 0,5 - 0,75 - 1,0
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    Hans-Peter Hojas

    Product Manager - Slurry Technology