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A Real Remaker. Converts Slurry into Bedding Material.

Separator Green Bedding

The FAN Green Bedding Separator produces fresh bedding material from the raw material slurry in constant quality directly on your farm daily. Long term studies show that, if the material is handled correctly and has a dry matter content of over 34% in the Green Bedding produced, there is no increased risk of mastitis, compared to other bedding materials.

kuh auf bedding
Separator Green Bedding

Feel-good factor bedding material

Also the wellbeing of the animals is positively influenced when using Green Bedding material. The cows accept the fluffy, soft material and prefer it, for example, to sand or rubber mats.  Moisture retention is higher than with straw, dust development is lower, joint injuries and skin grazes are minimized and the cows are very clean. This results in longer rest times and consequently in increased milk production.

The use of Green BeddingTM offers, compared to conventional bedding material, like straw and sawdust, many economic benefits. Besides that the purchase of bedding material is no longer necessary, no imported nutrients or unknown germs get to the farm. There is not much storage space needed, as the bedding material is freshly produced daily. After the separation the slurry is thinner, can be spread more easily and is better absorbed by the ground and the total amount of slurry is being reduced.

Green Bedding_DSC09366_grau_blau
Separator Green Bedding


  • Dry matter content up to 36% in solids when separating cattle slurry
  • Production of cheap, harmless bedding material by using the slurry existing on the farm. No additional bedding material has to be bought.
  • High dry matter content even at high throughput rates
  • Low energy consumption
  • Press screw and screen basket made of stainless steel
  • Long life of the auger due to hard metal coating
  • Housing made of cast iron
  • Permanent cleaning of the screen by the auger
  • Easy to maintain

Throughput m³/h*Dry matter content % (up to)*Input power kWScreen sizes mm
bis zu 20367,5 - 11,00,75 / 1,0
* Depending on dry matter content, viscosity, screen diametre, temperature, age of raw material, counterweights.
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    * Footnote

    Hans-Peter Hojas

    Product Manager - Slurry Technology