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The FAN submersible motor pump series ESPH/CSPH impresses with its tremendous output and long service life. The pumps operate below the surface of the liquid manure or waste water and can be used in diverse applications.

The main difference between the two designs, CSPH and ESPH, is the cutting unit:

The CSPH (Cutting Submersible Pump) is equipped with an adjustable cutting unit, impeller and cutting disc of chromium steel.

The ESPH (Effluent Submersible Pump) does not have a cutting unit, and its impeller is made of spheroidal graphite iron.

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The facts

The FAN submersible motor pumps offer outstanding performance figures: Up to 80 m³ of liquid per hour can be pumped by the CSPH/ESPH at an impeller speed of 1,450 rpm. The pump head is 13 m.

  • Outstanding cutting performance
  • Spiral housing and suction bell of grey cast iron
  • Efficiency class IE 2
  • Medium temperature up to 65 °C
  • Temperature monitoring for use in biogas systems
  • Additional safety with a leak sensor (optional)

The many possibilities

FAN submersible motor pumps offer impressive performance figures: Up to 80 m³ of liquid per hour can be pumped by the CSPH/ESPH at an impeller speed of 1,450 rpm. The pump head is 13 m. This makes the pump a perfect match for FAN products such as the Bedding Recovery Unit or the compact separator PSS 1.1-300.

Naturally, the pump is ideal for typical manure management as well.

The CSPH/ESPH is perfect for:

  • Pumping from one canal to another
  • Stirring up liquid manure before separation
  • Flushing lines
  • Filling slurry tankers
  • Feeding separators

The unbeatable advantages of FAN submersible motor pumps

High efficiency
High efficiency
Three-phase submersible motor
High efficiency


One major advantage of the CSPH is its high-performance, adjustable and replaceable cutting unit made of premium chromium steel. This results in impressive cutting performance and a long pump lifespan. The wear plate in the spiral housing is replaceable as well.

High efficiency

High efficiency

Thanks to a specially designed impeller and suction bell geometry, excellent efficiency can be achieved over a wide operating range. This clearly differentiates the FAN ESPH/CSPH series from other products on the market.

Three-phase submersible motor

Three-phase submersible motor

The Magnum submersible motor pumps are driven by a three-phase submersible motor with an output of 4.0 to 15 kW. The unit has an efficiency of 88.3%, putting it in efficiency class 1. The motor also boasts insulation class H and can be optionally fitted with temperature monitoring. Thanks to these features, the ESPH/CSPH pumps can also be used in biogas systems without restrictions. A special leak sensor in the motor provides additional operational safety.

  • Compact size
  • Short, sturdy and non-rusting motor shaft
  • Shaft seal between pump and motor consisting of two independent mechanical seals
  • Permanently lubricated and maintenance-free ball bearing
  • Thermal winding protection with temperature-dependent resistors provides protection in the event of overloading, blockages and phase failures as well as under- and over-voltage (in connection with an original Bauer control system)

Technical specifications Magnum ESPH without cutting device

ModelFlow rate m³/hManometric height mMax. drive power kWMax. Ampere ADrive speed min-1Delivery connection mm
ESPH 420-10013,0-7,04,08,11.450DN 80
ESPH 5,520-12020,0-9,85,510,71.450DN 80
ESPH 7,520-20019,6-5,57,515,61.450DN 100
ESPH 1120-24022,3-8,21122,01.450DN 100
ESPH 1520-25024,0-9,11528,61.450DN 100

Technical specifications Magnum ESPH with cutting device

ModelFlow rate m³/hPump head mMax. drive power kWMax. Ampere ADrive speed min-1Delivery connection mm
CSPH 420-10012,3-5,94,08,11.450DN 80
CSPH 5,520-12019,2-8,25,510,71.450DN 80
CSPH 7,5*20-12019,2-8,27,514,91.445DN 80
CSPH 7,520-18019,5-5,17,515,61.450DN 100
CSPH 1120-23022,0-6,911,022,01.450DN 100
CSPH 1520-24023,7-7,415,028,61.445DN 100
* The CSP 7.5/50 Hz has the same hydraulic values as the CSP 5.5 (but with larger cutting reserves).



    * Footnote

    Hans-Peter Hojas

    Product Manager - Slurry Technology