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Field of application

Pulp & Paper

FAN Separator: a good contribution to environmental protection.

Paper production is water intensive. Water is needed for manufacturing, for auxiliary and cleaning purposes. Modern factories producing - per ton of paper - about 10 to 50 cubic meters of wastewater, depending on whether they produce recycled paper or fresh pulp and paper. FAN equipment separates a high proportion of the solids, including micro plastic purely electro-mechanically out of wastewater streams. Also the amount of flocculent, i.a. made of polyacrylamide, which is conventionally added for the cleaning of the wastewater, can be reduced by usage of FAN separators. Extrapolations showing, that the amount of micro plastics, which gets annually into the soil by sewage sludge only, is greater than the amount that lands in the oceans. The treatment of the wastewater and the environmentally friendly disposal of the sludge, is thus - more relevant than ever - a responsible task.

FAN beltec BP
Field of applications

Product portfolio

FAN offers a tailor-made product portfolio: from the press screw separator “PSS” for the separation of fibrous effluent, such as fine reject or white water, the heavy screw press “BP” for dewatering of coarse pulper reject, the sludge press "SPS" for the dewatering of biological sludge, to centrifugal cleaners for high density separation, submersible mixers and pumps.

  • Separators for solid-liquid separation (PSS)
  • Screw presses for pulper rejects (BP)
  • Secondary sludge separators (SPS)
  • Centrifuge classifier separators (CCS)
  • Submersible mixers (MSXH)
  • Submersible pumps (ESPH/CSPH)
Pulp & Paper


Best results at low energy consumption, user-friendly operation, compact design, high quality of workmanship and a long product lifetime. With FAN separators, a high portion of solids will be separated from your wastewater streams. Due to the possible filling, with a concentration starting from only 0.1% TS and up to 20% TS, additionally machinery for pre-thickening are not required, what reduces investment- and operational expenditures. Compared to conventional screw, wire or belt presses, a better separation rate is usually achieved. A higher dry content of the solids, e.g. leads to reduced transport and disposal costs or to a higher calorific value at the incineration of sewage sludge, in the therefore specially designated mono-incineration plants.

Typical applications:

  • Dewatering of fine-reject from stock preparation
  • Dewatering of coarse pulper reject
  • Dewatering of fibrous effluent (primary) sludges
  • Dewatering of biological (secondary) sludges
  • Fiber recovery from waste water
  • Replacement of belt presses and centrifuges
  • etc.

Shortest payback time!

Pulp & Paper Industry

FAN is a pioneer for separation technology.

In the pulp and paper industry the name FAN stands for innovation quality and reliability. Approved by thousands of installations worldwide. FAN is specialized on its core task and therefore the product range is reduced to the essentials, not only to offer the usual standards but also to be one step ahead.

FAN. Innovative solutions for solid-liquid separation. A positive contribution for a strengthening of the environmental profile and the increase of competitiveness!


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Pulp & Paper



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