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Field of application

Fibreboard Industry

FAN is a pioneer for separation technology. In the fibreboard industry the name FAN stands for innovation quality and reliability. Approved by thousands of installations worldwide. FAN is specialized on its core task and therefore the product range is reduced to the essentials, not only to offer the usual standards but also to be one step ahead. Our actions meet the requirements of the firbreboard industry and we always search for possibilities to continuously improve our competitiveness. FAN covers the demands of this industry and increases the efficiency and reduces costs sustainably!


Fibreboard industry

Processing – dewatering – cleaning – extraction – sorting – separation – compressing – washing

of raw materials, process media and waste water of all types.

The operating principle of the machine can be broken down into the following steps:

Filtering – settling – flotation – centrifuging – pressing

Fan beltec BP

Product portafolio

  • Screw presses for waste water containing solids or fibrous material (PSS)
  • Screw presses for rejects (BP)
  • Separators for secondary sludge (SPS)
  • Centrifugal separators (CCS)
  • Submersible motor stirrers
  • Submersible motor pumps
  • Original replacement parts for our FAN & Beltec brands

Considerable saving potential:

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    Hans-Peter Hojas

    Product Manager - Slurry Technology