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Biogas is a key fuel for the path to a green energy future. With this green source of energy from manure, organic waste or energy plants, it will be possible to achieve the transition to a more sustainable use of the earth’s resources. You can get the required hardware from us at FAN: Our components for biogas systems ensure a smooth and efficient process for producing electricity and heat.


Everything from a single source

The success of the overall system depends on quality down to the last detail. If a single part fails, the entire biogas production can be brought to a halt. In order to prevent this, we recommend sourcing all components from a single source to ensure that all the parts work together perfectly. Thanks to our position within the Bauer Group, we are able to offer our customers specific solutions for all process steps, from substrate management to the utilisation of residues. This means that operators can rely on a complete system from a partner with many years of wide-ranging experience in the area of biogas.

Separator PSS 3.2-780 für Biogas

The FAN separator

No modern biogas system can get by today without a separator. A high-quality and proven separator, such as those from FAN, makes an indispensable contribution:

  • Maximisation of biogas production
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Fewer operating problems
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of digestate
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
Separator PSS 3.2-780 für Biogas

Efficient digestate management

A digestate separator is of decisive importance for making the operation of a biogas system more efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly. The separator can be installed either before the fermenter or in a separate unit after the fermenter, at the manure or digestate storage site. Depending on the application, separation can improve the properties of the substrate, reduce floating layers in the secondary fermenter or decrease volumes. The separated solid can then be fed back into the biogas system as recirculate, sold as raw material for potting soil or used as high-quality bedding for livestock, thereby helping improve the user’s contribution margin.

Fan Separator Biogas

The solutions from FAN

With FAN separators, the remnants can be brought to their optimal dry matter content. From the compact separator PSS 1.1-300 to the classic series PSS 1.2 and PSS 3.2 and the PSS 3.3 all the way to the big PSS 8 FAN offers a comprehensive range of separators. It’s worth noting that the models of the PSS-3.2 series are the most commonly used separators in biogas systems around the world. However, every biogas system has its own unique characteristics and requirements. We would be happy to assist you in analysing your operation to find the ideal solution for maximally efficient biogas production.

FAN Separation Technology

Plug & Play FAN für Biogas

Plug & Play for Biogas

All separators are also available as a mobile variant for “plug & play” functionality. Using a mobile separator increases your flexibility in the procurement of the raw materials. For example, you can separate liquid manure from your own remotely located sites or even other agricultural operations altogether, and the solids produced can then be transported to the biogas system for further processing. This results in an inexpensive and extremely high-quality raw material for producing biogas.

FAN Separator Plug&Play

FAN Tauchmotorrührwerk
Highest efficiency class

The FAN submersible motor stirrer

For many users, a maximally homogeneous mixture in the system is the key to a good biogas yield. With the tremendous stirring power of the submersible motor stirrer MSXH from FAN, thick media such as liquid manure or maize silage can be mixed in under optimal conditions. The easy adjustability permits both horizontal and vertical operation as well as raising and lowering of the stirrer. With this product, FAN has the stirrer with the highest efficiency class and the lowest power consumption in its product range. This extremely high level of efficiency is achieved with a special planetary gear. Safety is also of the greatest importance at FAN: Probes give warning in the event of leakage to prevent the stirrers from sustaining damage.

FAN Stirring Technology


The FAN submersible motor pump

Even after the medium has been discharged from the fermenter, FAN is an ideal partner for many users of biogas systems: Submersible motor pumps like the FAN CSPH can be used to homogenise the material at the final storage site. Equipped with a special cutting system that is adjustable and easy to replace, the CSPH is the pump of choice for many biogas system operators. The use of high-quality chromium steel extends the service life considerably while also lowering operating costs.

FAN Pump Technology


The advantages of the BAUER Group

Our integration into the Bauer Group puts us in a position to provide our customers with a complete product range for their biogas chain. In addition to FAN separation and stirring technology as well as the FAN submersible motor pump, our biogas range also includes eccentric screw pumps and polyester tankers from our sister companies. Purchasing all components from a single source offers impressive benefits, in particular a single point of contact who is well informed about your specific situation and can match up the individual machines perfectly. This means our customers can be sure their biogas system will operate with maximum efficiency.

Exzenterschneckenpumpe HelixDrive für Biogas

The BSA eccentric screw pump

The pumps in and around the fermenter are subjected to especially difficult operating conditions. They must be able to handle media with diverse consistencies while still continuously providing the desired performance. The tried and tested eccentric pump generation Helix from our sister company BSA is specially designed for use in biogas applications. Its smoothly running hollow rotor is manufactured in a unique process at our site in Marktschorgast and is absolutely unbreakable. The innovative and robust design of the pump allows it to achieve exceptional power levels of 5.5 to 11 kW, maximum pump heads of 30 to 60 metres and flow rates of 15 to 65 m³/h, all with a prolonged operating life.

BSA Eccentric Screw Pumps


Bauer Group polyester tankers

The liquid manure can be utilised as valuable fertiliser for crops. Bauer products are used for this application as well. Because biogas manure will cause significant discolouration of zinc, polyester tankers are the ideal solution for this use case. The polyester tanker with a tank volume of 6,000 to 26,000 litres boasts powerful spreading while going easy on the soil thanks to the low weight of the tanker itself. The biogas components of the Bauer Group offer professionals high quality operation and efficiency.

BSA Polyester tankers

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