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Separation of liquid manure is a proven method for increasing added value on farms. The valuable raw material slurry is unevenly available in agriculture: while livestock farms have too much of it, purely arable farms have too little of it. Modern animal owners know how to deal with this and rely on appropriate separation technology. With proper treatment and processing, the effectiveness of the manure can be significantly increased. In addition, costs are saved and the environment is protected.

The advantages of separation on the farm:

  • A significant benefit is the reduction in the storage capacity of the manure by up to 30%. This also reduces the costs of building a slurry pit.
  • The separated solids can be used in a variety of ways: either they are applied immediately as natural fertilizer, processed into compost or used as organic bedding material for the cows.
  • The solids can also be transported more easily and in a space-saving manner. This means fertilizer can be delivered to regions where there is not enough available.
  • Separated manure hardly forms any sinking or floating layers in the final storage facility, making it easier to stir up and spread the manure.
  • The nutrients from the liquid and solid phase can be used in a targeted manner - mineral fertilizer is saved and the plants' nutrient absorption is improved.
  • In addition, the separated liquid phase can be used as cleaning water.
  • The thin phase without the solid content can penetrate the soil very quickly and allows the plant to absorb the nutrients it needs just as quickly. In contrast, unseparated manure often forms real “manure sausages”. This leads to feed contamination in grassland. The consequences are incorrect fermentation of silage and reduced roughage quality.
  • It should not be forgotten that separation considerably reduces odor emissions, a not insignificant aspect, especially when livestock farms and biogas plants are located near residential areas.
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    Hans-Peter Hojas

    Product Manager - Slurry Technology