A Step Ahead

FAN Separator GmbH (headquarters) was established in Westfalia, Germany in August 1986. The company develops, manufactures, and markets solid/liquid separation equipment and solutions for the mechanical and chemical-physical treatment.

FAN has succeeded in implementing their products, especially PSS separators, worldwide in the industrial and agricultural sectors through an international distribution network.

In 2004 FAN joined the Bauer-Group in order to meet future challenges alongside a strong partner.

In 2005 FAN introduced a revolutionary product onto the market, a fully automatic system for producing bedding material from slurry (BRU Bedding Recovery Unit).

In 2007 FAN take over BAB Beltec.

In 2011 FAN intruduced the new FAN 3.3 GREEN BEDDING family to create bedding material out of animal waste.

Permanent further development of the existing products and development of new technology are the guiding principles of the company.

Today the company operates globally with distributors and agents on five continents in more than 80 countries.