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Tremendous potential


FAN is an internationally active company that sells its products on all five continents. Roughly 12,000 systems are in use around the world. They separate liquid manure in agricultural operations, produce organic bedding and extract residual materials from potato peels and beer draff. Separators are used for dewatering slurries in the paper industry as well as for plastic recycling or in slaughterhouses for filtering waste water. Separation technology is the key element for sustainable operations. The potential is enormous.

A career at FAN offers a host of possibilities. Thanks to our position in the Bauer Group and our international team, we offer an ideal environment for doing research and designing innovative solutions. Become part of our team and live up to your full potential!


Become a FAN expert!

Behind every successful company stand people who contribute to the big picture day in and day out. People whose personality, temperament and values make up the very unique spirit of a company. Not to forget the qualifications that each brings and the specialised knowledge acquired over years of working. That makes our people true experts.

That makes them unique. That makes them indispensable.

To us and to our customers.


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