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BRU Ungarn Bedding Recovery Unit
Reduce costs, increase milk output

With the BRU of FAN

The Hungarian company Agroprodukt ZRT was able to increase its milk output by 12% after modernizing its manure management! FAN's BRU concept played a significant role in this.


The Hungarian company Agroprodukt ZRT, which has been part of the Bonafarm Group since 2017, one of the largest players on the Hungarian agricultural market, has been successfully using the BRU concept since 2010. Agroprodukt ZRT deals with pig feed (approx. 25,000 fattening pigs) and dairy cattle breeding (3,200 dairy cows and their offspring). Around 340 employees work at a total of 7 locations in Pápa and the surrounding area. There are also around 8,000 hectares of cultivated land for vegetables and grains.

BRU Ungarn
Soft bedding for 1350 dairy cows

Cow farm in Ihász

The cow farm in Ihász employs 60 people. 1,350 dairy cows produce a daily milk yield of 45,500 liters. Naturally, a large amount of manure is also produced on the entire farm, where an additional 1,670 young animals live. 75 tons of slurry have to be processed every day. In 2009, the entire manure management system and the livestock stables were renewed and modernized. As part of these measures, it was decided in June 2010 to acquire a Bedding Recovery Unit (BRU) from FAN. The result speaks for itself: the somatic germ count could be reduced by over 30% using BRU compared to previous bedding methods.


A number of advantages

More milk thanks to BRU

After the BRU went into operation, the milk output increased by a full 12%, i.e. from 9,200 kg to 11,000 kg! But the farm in Ihász is also very satisfied with the BRU  in other ways: operating costs are lower and transport is reduced because there is no longer any need to purchase bedding material (straw was previously used for bedding). The material is easy to handle, is soft and loose and is well accepted by the cows. The animals are also clean. The BRU is regularly maintained and has functioned consistently reliably since it was put into operation in 2010. Every quarter a sample of the bedding material is sent to the laboratory and examined in detail. The result is as perfect today as it was 14 years ago.


Green Bedding Einstreumaterial


Since 2010, BRU bedding material has been used for fresh bedding five days a week after the first milking. Before that, straw was used.


Somatic cell count:

  • Before BRU (straw): Farm average: 650.000
  • With BRU: Farm average: 450.000

Dry matter content:

  • Liquid phase: 6-8%
  • Solid phase (BRU bedding material): 35%