FAN Separator im Agro Bereich

Separation of liquid slurry

  •  FAN separators are the first choice for the separation of slurry 
  •  Worldwide over 20.000 machines in use
  •  Suitable for the separation of cattle, pig and poultry manure
  •  Dry matter content in raw slurry from 0,1% to 20%
  •  FAN offers the complete set including submersible motor pump and mixers, all from one source 

Advantages of slurry separation

  •  Saving storage capacity between10% and 30%
  •  No sinking or floating layers in the lagoon 
  •  Easier to mix, pump and spread 
  •  Liquid phase reaches the roots directly 
  •  Solids can be sold as fertilizer
  •  Reduction of unpleasant smells