Production of biological bedding material

  • More than 1 mio cows worldwide rest on biologically produced bedding material produced by FAN machines
  • high cow comfort
  • clean cows
  • no exposure to dust in the stable 
  • better health of animals and quality of milk (cell count)

FAN Green Bedding Separator

Use of the solids directly after separation

  • High dry matter content with the FAN Green Bedding Separator (up to 36%)
  •  Naturally, closed cycle on the farm 
  •  The material is produced and used on the farm 
  •  No additional purchase of expensive bedding material necessary(e.g sawdust) 
  •  This investment pays back already after one year!

Ideal bedding material with constant quality

  •  Daily available bedding material in constant quality 
  •  Disposal with the same machines as sawdust 
  •  Suitable for low beds as well as covering for rubber mats 
  •  High acceptance of the material by cows 
  •  More and more businesses rely on this innovative system by FAN Separator

FAN BRU - Bedding Recovery Unit

  • The solution for the production of bedding material for large industrial companies 
  • Production of up to 50m³ bedding material per day
  • Hygienization of the material at a temperature of about 65°C
  • Bedding material with a dry matter content of about 42%
  • High cow comfort - short amortization time