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Who we are.

About us

1986 marked the start of a success story in Westphalia, Germany, that continues to this day: For almost four decades, FAN Separator has continually pushed the limits of separation technology and is now far and away the number one provider on the international market. This didn’t happen by accident. Entrepreneurial spirit and the unrelenting pursuit of technological excellence are firmly embedded in FAN’s DNA.

Anywhere that organic waste is produced, a separator from FAN can make a critical contribution to the success of the operation and to protection of the environment. Separating the medium into its solid and liquid phases reduces the waste volume, simplifies disposal and enables reuse of the substrate.

FAN, now located in Upper Franconia, has been part of the Austrian Bauer Group since 2004. The track record is impressive: roughly 12,000 systems are in use around the world in diverse industries and in agriculture.

What we strive for

Our vision

We view ourselves as innovative developers of advanced separation technology. Solid-liquid separation is the basis for many valuable processing methods for recycling and reusing materials in agriculture and industry.

We hope to offer our customers all over the world – whether small farmers or large industry players – the ability to do business in a way that is both sustainable and profitable. We strive for excellence in separation technology and will never be satisfied until we have achieved this goal. For a future worth living in.

What drives us

Our mission

We want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We are aware of our responsibility to future generations. We recognised early on that the separation of solids and liquids would have a role to play in improving the sustainability of many activities. And that it would be well worth our while to take up this challenge. More than any other.

We believe our robust, high-quality machines are an upgrade to every operation and attest to an intelligent, advanced business model.



Whenever our engineers are asked to slim down our separators and make them cheaper, they find many arguments why it can’t be done. Decrease the dimensions of a pipe? Leave out a few braces? Impossible.

We owe our dominance on the international separator market in no small part to our uncommonly high quality standard. That’s just how we are. We can't do otherwise. FAN separators are considered to be exceptionally robust. They are designed for continuous operation under challenging conditions and distinguish themselves considerably from the competition in this regard.

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FAN always pays off


The purchase of a FAN separator is an investment for life. A careful calculation shows that a FAN product will always be a worthwhile investment. And will pay for itself quickly. This is true, for example, when using a separator to produce organic bedding from your own liquid manure, thereby eliminating the costs for purchasing and handling externally procured bedding. Or when reducing the volume of waste to simplify disposal. Or when reusing the substances recovered via solid-liquid separation. In other words, always.

Plus, FAN separators wear much more slowly and last considerably longer than all others.

We shape the future.


Every innovation begins with curiosity. Making something truly new takes time, lots of thought and careful observation of your situation and the environment in general. It also takes courage to get to the bottom of things and to continually investigate the needs of your customers. The answers to these questions are the seeds from which innovation grows. We know that innovation is a continuous process that never ends. Because we set our sights on the future.